Deaf Actors Needed for Matt Hamill Film Project

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is K’Dee Miller and I’m the Producer on the upcoming feature film based on the life of deaf UFC fighter, Matt Hamill. Much like Pepsi-Cola’s recent Super Bowl commercial or CBS/Hallmark’s Movie of the Week, Sweet Nothing in My Ear, our film will showcase the colorful visuals of American Sign Language and the intricate layers of Deaf Culture in a mainstream theatrical setting.

We’re starting a nationwide casting search for Deaf Actors and we’re holding auditions for the two leads at NTID on May 13th & May 14th. Is there anyway we can post our casting notice on your site? I’ve included all the information above.

If you have any questions, I can be reached via email at or via my cell phone number, 917-501-6469. I’ve included a brief synopsis on the film below as well as our casting notice in the above attachment.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

COMPANY STATEMENT: There’s never been a mainstream Hollywood film, open to both hearing and deaf that fully captures the colorful visuals of American Sign Language and the intricate layers of Deaf Culture, until now. Hamill is not a Silent Film specifically created for the deaf audience, but a film in which the deaf and hearing can view the theatrical release in unison, therefore introducing a new genre to mainstream audiences: The Deaf Foreign Film. We plan on introducing this new genre by employing the following elements:

1. The use of subtitles throughout the film allowing the Deaf to enjoy the cinematic experience alongside the hearing

2. Employing a unique cinematography style which captures the ASL and remains visually stimulating

3. Finding interesting and artistic ways of depicting the Deaf Perspective while keeping the hearing community involved

4. Giving several Deaf Actors a chance at showcasing their talents on the big screen

SYNOPSIS: Told in the same vein as Million Dollar Baby but with a Rudy ending, and inspired by the life of deaf Ultimate Fighter Matt Hamill, Hamill tells the story of what it takes to be a champion, on and off the mat. Raised among those with the ability to hear, Matt later finds himself no less an outsider amidst the Deaf Community. But through sheer determination, he uses his disability as an asset, and becomes not only the first deaf wrestler to win a National Collegiate Championship, but an inspirational force to both hearing and deaf alike.


K’Dee Miller
President/ Producer
K’Dee Miller Productions, LLC
Get Reel LA, DBA
310-694-8180 office
917-501-6469 cell


One response to “Deaf Actors Needed for Matt Hamill Film Project

  1. That would be me I can handle this. I am deaf and am also third degree black belt under training by Scott Halsey and alejandre school of karate., I have a good memorize of the script and able to move into the right place without mark an “x” on the floor. if need anything please contact me in the future. via email me or videophone ask for jimmy (530)410-0401 or (866)947-9968

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