Trouble Contacting NYS Child Support Helpline?

Hi all:

Has anyone who is Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing in New York State have had difficulty getting information about his or her child support case from the New York State Child Support Helpline? The Helpline has a policy that they will not talk to anyone other than the parent. As a result, it seems that Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing parents who ask someone else to call the Helpline for them have been prevented from getting information.

It is our understanding that people using Video Relay Service to call have had similar problems. These practices deny deaf and hearing impaired parents an equal and meaningful opportunity to get information about their cases.

The National Center for Law and Economic Justice is working to get the State to change these policies. If you have had this type of problem with the Helpline, please contact Cary LaCheen the National Center for Law and Economic Justice: 800-520-7856,

Please help spread the words to our deaf, and hard of hearing friends, families and others who this may apply to.

Thank you,

Dean DeRusso
Deaf Systems Advocate
Regional Center for Independent Living
Advocacy and Independent Living Services for Individuals
497 State Street
Rochester, NY 14608

Sorenson VP: 585 546-7598
Voice Callers: (877) 467-4877 ext 07598
TTY: (585) 697-1604
Fax: 585.546.7577


One response to “Trouble Contacting NYS Child Support Helpline?

  1. Anon CSR here: As of at least 2012, If you have a professional translator, who identifies themselves as such at the start of the call, the sort that says “This is a relay call for a deaf caller, please address the caller directly and await a translated reply” or some such the CSR must continue with the call as if it were any other call. The trouble comes into play when the person says “I’m their mother” or “I’m their friend.”

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