Gifted RIT/NTID Student Gives Hope, Life, to Others

NTID News – Dec. 14, 2010

It’s not every college student who can say they’ve had a lifelong wish come true. But Lauren Aggen isn’t an ordinary college student.

She was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, leaving her left ventricle too small to pump blood through her body. Her prognosis for survival was bleak without a heart transplant.

When she was eight days old, a donor heart became available and she received her transplant. Of the eight children who received heart transplants that year in Chicago, four of them never went home and the other three have needed additional transplants.

“I’ve been very fortunate that my heart matched,” Aggen says.

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One response to “Gifted RIT/NTID Student Gives Hope, Life, to Others

  1. Roland Scanlan

    Just wanted to tell Lauren that she is not all alone in this. I too, am a 35 year old male who received heart transplant 2 years ago. I am out in KC, Missouri. Lauren is a tremendous inspiration and a great role model who proves that nothing should keep her down. I always tell people “Live life to the fullest every day, for tomorrow may never come. 2nd chances do not come around very often.” So Lauren, live your life to the FULLEST every day for Austin! 🙂

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